My name is Daniel Georges, I am a teacher in woodwork and visual art and the background to the development of Tap2grade is based in these two practical subjects.

A picture says more than a thousand words

In pratical subjects you will remember more of the students process by watching a photograph of the students work. As a teacher in a practical teaching I often need to review my students work several times before I grade them and a photo will help me remember their entire work process.

I have tried several methods documenting my students work, partly photographing with a digital camera and save thier images on my computer, renameing the files and adding them to different folders. That took up alot of my time. After a while the iPad came and things got a bit easier and I found different types of apps to save images and creating portfolios but for me that was not good enough.

I tried several internet based websites where students themselves creates a profile and use their phone to document their own work to their own portfolio. On several occasions some students did not make any documentation, they did not have access to the internet on their mobile phone and in some cases the student did not even own a mobile phone.

Once again this led me back to my digital camera and to access their account, adding the photo to their profile and this was extremely time consuming.

And the best of all was when some students always forgot their password logins to their accounts I guess you already know what that meant.

At the end of the semester

I often faced obstacles such as these:

  • In art class the students folders were misplaced and their work could not be found.
  • You find students art work but they are not named.
  • The student has thrown their work in the trash or being sloppy and lost it.
  • You have students with the same name wich makes it difficult to know whose work it is.
I often faced obstacles such as these:

Based on these experiences I choosed to create Tap2Grade a digital tool to support and relief teachers from their daily work load.