We try to follow the law as much as possible, but as everyone knows, technology is developing very fast and we try to keep up with it. What we have done with the app is to encrypt all student data such as name, email and phone number and the same for parents. Tap2Grade itself does not request any personal data such as a date of birth or home address.

Data is encrypted to the users own Dropbox account Tap2Grade does not provide its on private server. The user can choose to not backup data then it will only save locally in the device and can only be accessed from the app that is locked with a password.
If the user choose not do backup any data we can’t ensure it will stay within the app during a bug, corruption error or if something happens to the device.
In addition to images and videos thoose are not encrypted considering the file size and for the user experience we don’t want a slow and laggy backup. We want to be clear about that Tap2Grade is meant to be used as a tool for documenting student work and not to be used for taking pictures of your students or video record them. As a user of Tap2Grade, you are responsible for the use of it!
Tap2Grade has also chosen to remove the ability to set profile pictures and instead use avatar images for students safety.

When you create your password the first time starting up Tap2Grade that password is also the encryption key. So make sure you create a password you will remember, once it is set it can’t be changed.
The password key will work as a sync back data if you get a new device or want to sync between devices.
Tap2Grade will ask for your Dropbox account so synchronization can start and will then auto sync every 10 minutes if there is a WIFI connection nearby.

No, the app is only for the teacher as an additional tool for assessment students’ work process and grading ?

The first version is designed for mobile phone device and will then work on tablets as well like ipad and other tablets.

You can create your own rubrics using excel that template can be downloaded from this website here and the uploaded to the app.

Not in this first version, now it is only done manually when creating students and classes. It´s in the planning phase, along with other useful updates.

If you are a user of an iPad or nother device at work we recommend that you do not use your private device considering tthat Tap2Grade can take up alot on your device memory.
Use the app wisely and don’t take more pictures than needed and always make sure to replace old images with new ones to save memory.