15/3 2018: Creating avatar profile pictures

I am now working on creating avatar images for student profile pictures. For the students safety and not spreading data by following the GDPR law as much as we possibly can. This ia something that had to be done and at the same time I can enjoy some digital painting :)

1/10 2018: Encrypted Data

We are now doing some testing to the backup system to Dropbox. The project realese is delayed becasue we decided to add encryption to all text based data such as names, phone numbers, email, class name etc. The GDPR law will take effect in mars so the encryption must be ready as soon as app releases.

Summer 2017

Considering a lot of positive feedback from earlier users and people who heard about Tap2Grade was wondering what happend to the app about a year ago. Well, sorry to say I had to remove it from the App Store caused by poor coding making the app crash every once and a while. Though trying to fix it several times it still did not work out. With so much support and feedback I decided that a new and improved version should be made to help my fellow teachers, thanks for believing in Tap2Grade. Though spending a lot of my personal time and economy starting from scratch has taken lot of time.

The new version of Tap2Grade is created with a totally different type of coding, so the old version is totally gone :). With this new coding Tap2Grade will work on both iOS and Andriod. The first version will be for mobile phones and when that is realesed we'll continue to work with the iPad version.

Thanks to all your ideas many of them will now be implemented to help even more teachers :)