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Save your time without the need of printing/copying loads of paper for each and every student whether it is for grading or just for commenting on their behavior or work process. On their profile page each student has his own rubric and a separate folder for you to take notes about your students work process. Creating your own rubric is easy and grading is fast just by a tap on the screen to change color grades.


Having to enter the school's computer system every time you need to get in touch with your students parents via phone or e-mail can sometime take up a lot of time which leads you to contact them at the end of the day. But with Tap2Grade it is done with just a tap on the screen to make a call or send them a message.


No more hassle when having to document your students work Tap2Grade offers a portfolio tool for documentation of photos, audio and videos. Each student has his own portfolio and it is easy to create and organize multible folders for each and every subject you teach. Placing a comment on their work makes it easier for you to grade them later on.


Have you ever got the feeling of not having 100% confidence on what your students grades are when a parent wants a quick response and you always have to say I will get back to you. With Tap2Grade you can easely share a graded rubric with your student or their parents via e-mail. Rubrics are easy to export and can be shared with other colleagues to be used in Tap2Grade.


Tap2grade does not store any personal data anywhere. Data is saved on the users device, and if synced also on the users cloud account. All text-based information like name, phone number, e-mail and classes are encrypted. The encryption is based on the password used when setting up the account and can only be unlocked with the same password, if the files on the cloud are accessed by someone else the same password is needed to unlock the encryption. Tap2Grade do store the students home address, social security number or the attending school in the app.


Tap2Grade - Promo video by Daniel Georges

Tap2Grade - Promo video by Daniel Georges

Tap2Grade - Promo video by Daniel Georges

Tap2Grade - Promo video by Daniel Georges